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Immersion is the fastest growing cloud based animation studio in Bangladesh with 60+ artists, working online.

In a span of 2 years it has already:

  • Created 1000+ animated videos
  • Developed numerous interactive characters
  • Ensured 120+ hours of seamless video viewing experience.
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Mass Productions
Implementing new age monitoring tools like Frame.io enables us to review draft work effortlessly, omitting the scope for miscommunication between us and partners.




Qualified Creative Experts
Our team consists of qualified professionals with years of industry experience ready to make your visions come alive with incredible skills and creativity within strict deadlines.
Easy Review Process
Implementing new age monitoring tools like Frame.io enables us to review draft work effortlessly, omitting the scope for miscommunication between us and partners.
Project Tracking
Keeping track of progress of numerous projects has never been so seamless as we’ve implemented a system that uses efficient task management tools such as monday.com visible to us and our partners.

Words From Our Valued Clients

The Process
1. Voice Over
To make animated videos immaculate and memorable, we have talented voice over artists experienced in commercial advertising to ensure the ultimate impact of content.
2. References and Storyboarding
To match your preference of video style with our expertise, we start off with providing artwork references and the agreed upon style is then turned into a full fledged storyboard to visualize the final product.
3. Design
Our designers will masterfully craft the designs according to the references and storyboard that is previously approved, minimizing scope of time consuming feedback loops.
4. Animation
This is where all the magic happens! Created by the designers in the previous phase, static images come to life and become moving, breathing characters and beautiful dynamic objects, thanks to our animators!

5. Sound Design

Once the animated content is done and approved, our sound engineers work their charm by fine tuning voice overs, adding sound effects and composing music that is apt for the content’s unique style if need be.

6. Final Editing

The animated content gets merged with the audio and becomes a single piece, with all your branding elements incorporated for your target audience to enjoy!


To save your valuable time Immersion has introduced a fully customizable cost calculating system that creates an estimation of costs, portraying what package is suitable for your business; ensuring 100% transparency.

Package Details

Package 1


60% off | 18 days left!


Popular animation choice for e-learning platforms

Ideal for: Education, product/service explainer, awareness building and series videos

Package includes:
  • Resolution- up to 1080p
  • 7 standard characters 7 standard characters illustration and animation
  • 5 standard environment 5 standard environment illustration and animation
  • Basic Transitions
  • Basic motion accents and particles
  • Basic text animation
  • Limited miscellaneous animations
  • Basic sound effects
  • Royalty free stock music
  • Project Tracking
  • Easy Review Process
  • Cloud backup Service
Package 2
High Quality
Elevate your animations with advanced tools


Popular animation choice for e-learning platforms

Ideal for: Commercials, promos, product/service demonstrations, company profiles and entertainment

Package includes:
  • All standard video features plus
  • Resolution up to 4k
  • 10 high quality characters 10 high quality + 7 Standard characters illustration and animation
  • 6 high quality environments 6 high quality + 5 Standard environments illustration and animation
  • Advanced transition style
  • Advanced motion accents
  • Advanced text animation style
  • Extensive miscellaneous animations
  • Advanced sound effects
  • Custom music Produce music at your preference

In a time, when the concept “remote working” took the world by storm, Immersion has developed and perfected a work process that enables it to produce quality content at a mass level with maximum efficiency conducting every step online. The artists have full freedom to choose their work hours as long as the deadline is met within the comfort of their surroundings which has further accelerated efficiency of production.

Words From Our Deep Divers
If you think you have what it takes to join hands with deep divers of the animation world, give us a heads up!
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