An Offshore Team for Your Next Animated Video Projects

A Fellowship of Digital Artists

Be it education based 2d animated lesson videos, a series of animated YouTube videos or animated commercials Immersion has got your back.

Immersion is the right choice for you if you are looking for-

  • Mass level of 2D animated videos/ Motion Graphics solutions
  • Animated education videos for your app/website/YouTube channel
  • 2D Animated series of videos
  • Design and illustration solutions
  • Animated Commercials.

In a span of 2 years it has created-

  • Mass production- Over 800 2D animated video projects. Check-
  • ensuring 100+ hours of seamless video viewing experience for it’s clients.
  • 100+ hours of seamless video watching experience for the clients.
  • Numerous interactive characters for educational purposes.
800+ Animated Video Projects

It is now the fastest growing cloud based 2D animation firm in Bangladesh ensuring-

Mass productions:

With impeccable efficiency, Immersion now produces 120+ videos in 40 working days. It’s pipeline is compatible for remote working conditions.

How many projects can Immersion make per month
Efficient Mass Productions

Qualified offshore team:

The team consists of qualified professionals with years of industry experience. They are ready to make your visions come alive with incredible skills and creativity within strict deadlines.

Easy Review Process:

Implementation of new age monitoring tools like It will enable clients to review draft work effortlessly. As a result, it omits the scope for miscommunication between production and clients.

Project tracking facilities:

Keeping track of progress of numerous projects has never been so seamless as we’ve implemented a system that uses efficient task management tools such as visible to us and our partners.

Cost Estimator

For the first time to save your valuable time it has introduced fully customizable cost calculating system for your animated video projects. It creates an estimation of costs, portraying what package is suitable for your business, ensuring 100% transparency.
check out-

Calculate your project price
Cost Estimator

Career Opportunities

In a time, when the concept “remote working” took the world by storm, Immersion has developed and perfected a work process that enables it to produce quality content at a mass level with maximum efficiency conducting every step online. As a result, the artists have full freedom to choose their work hours as long as the deadline is met within the comfort of their surroundings which has further accelerated efficiency of production. To apply submit your CV and portfolio here-

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