Let’s talk about how animated videos are game changers, especially when it comes to education and communication. This blog post uncovers the compelling advantages of using animated videos in education.

The Power of Animated Videos
First off, let’s talk about how great animated videos are at breaking down tough topics. This feature really makes them a must-have for many groups, especially schools, teachers, IT firms and other private and non-profit institutions.

Public Safety and More
Plus, these videos do more than just teach. They’re also perfect for sharing safety tips and campaign info. The storytelling in these videos helps make tricky stuff easy for everyone to understand, no matter their age.

Surge in EdTech
With the recent growth in online learning, the demand for videos is also going up. Besides, animated videos in education have proven to be effective in a range of settings, from schools to professional training programs. As a result, Given the growing interest in online learning, it’s no wonder that the role of animated videos in education is experiencing such a boom. Link


Explainer Videos in Focus
In fact, explainer videos stand out as really effective. This is especially true when there aren’t enough good resources available.

Diverse Needs
Besides schools and online courses, other groups like charities, government agencies, and healthcare providers also need a lot of content.

Online Communication Trends
Given the big move from offline to online chat, we’re seeing more and more people watch videos online. So, to stay in the game, companies need to keep up with this trend.

Mass Production and History
Going back in time, the idea of ‘mass production’ really took off during the Industrial Revolution. It’s all about dividing work among people, a tactic even ancient Greeks used.

Introducing Immersion: A Solution to Mass Production
Here comes Immersion, our answer to this challenge. We’ve got a special setup that allows us to make a ton of animated videos, shaking up the local animation scene. To see some of our recent projects, check out our works.

Efficient Ecosystem
To get into the details, we’ve designed a system to keep costs low and make the best use of resources. This speeds up how quickly we can produce videos. To learn more about our efficient system, visit our process.

Immersion Success Stories: The Case of Shikho
Next up, let’s talk about our work with Shikho, a top online learning platform here. We’ve put together more than 7500 minutes of educational videos, making it a game-changing digital course. Link

Tackling COVID-19
Interestingly, the COVID-19 outbreak made us rethink the old-school, office-based way of making animations.

Remote Operations
Since then, we’ve brought on artists from all over the place, giving them a chance to work from home. Using our online system, they can crank out an amazing 174 videos in just 45 working days. Check out why choose us?

more than 1,000 videos

Efficiency at its Best
So far, we’ve made more than 1,000 videos in just two years, equal to more than 150 hours of continuous viewing. You just couldn’t do this in a regular office.

The Future of Immersion: Contemporary Techniques
To wrap it up, we’re embracing new art styles to set the bar higher in the animation industry. We’re gathering experts from different fields to shake up how modern animated videos are made.

Final Thoughts
All in all, our smooth and quick work process is setting us up to be a big player in changing the animation video world. For package details and pricing, visit our pricing page.